Weekly Zoom Classes will begin the week of April 25, 2022.

Day/Time TBD by initial group of registrants.

brand from where you dream.

Do you feel like there is something deep bubbling within you? You have this immense, unique value to give to the world. Your brand is passable, maybe even professional. But something is falling short. It no longer represents the depth, capacity, and new levels of gifts that you have accessed. It’s no longer enough to just find inspiration from other brands. You don’t want to copy anyone else anymore. No more cliché’s, no more rules… just branding from the white-hot center of you.

On the threshold of something exquisite…

Maybe you’ve been scared that if you follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole, your business won’t perform as well. Creating something new and different can definitely be scary. Or maybe you’re ready to express more fully, but don’t know how to translate your feelings and imagination into tangible offerings.

Tap into Your Brand Renaissance

A 13-week contemplative group brand storytelling journey

Course Overview

Week 1: orientation

~ Get to know each other and write your Brand Renaissance Declaration


Week 2: Following Alice

~ Find and Practice your optimum creativity states


Week 3: Robin Hood, Rosa Parks, and other Rebels

~ Discover your Brand Attraction Archetype(s)


Week 4: one-on-ones with cassie

~ Choose your project


Week 5: Eve & The Apple

~ The Power of Mythology, Understand Story as Code


Week 6: Sitting with Helen Keller

~ 8 Levels of Brand Story, Levels 1-4


Week 7: Researching with Jane Goodall

~ 8 Levels of Brand Story Cont’d., Levels 5-8


Week 8: Beyond “Problem, Agitate, Solution”

~ Explore alternative story scripts and discover which feels best for your brand


Week 9: Time Lords

~ Learn how to use Time Distortion As a Creative Tool


Week 10: The Last Offering

~ The act of follow through from the white-hot center of you


Week 11: one-on-one sessions with Cassie

~ Review of your work and consulting with Cassie


Week 12 – A Fellowship of Brands

~ Group work and feedback


13 – The Road Home

~ A closing

  • 13 Weekly Sessions
  • 2 of those as one-on-one Sessions with Cassie
  • Homework after each class
  • Select a tangible, feasible project for you to work on for the duration of the course
  • Opportunity for questions and discussion between class in our private facebook group


*limited capacity

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Cassie Clouser, The Brand Mythologist™. helps companies create inspiring impressions through bold, story-driven branding and website design.

As a former TEDx speaker and branding lead for TEDxYoungstown, Cassie shows her clients how to weave stories and visuals to create transformative experiences.

She has helped numerous brands tap into the hero, the challenges, and the deepest desires through her unique Brand Mythology™ process. The process leverages a rich, multi-sensory perspective to inspire audiences and influence through visual storytelling.

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