I. Our Larger Purpose


One of the core beliefs that drives me is the conviction that the Arts serve as a profound conduit for the sacred, extending beyond individual boundaries to foster evolution and invite more life into our existence. Throughout my journey, regardless of the path I’ve taken, this principle has remained central.

You might wonder why I’m involved in business. The answer lies in the realization that many individuals I collaborate with have faced challenges in redefining their perspectives on business and marketing. My mission is to shift the paradigm, transforming the perception of business and sales from something manipulative or compromising to a powerful vehicle for positive global change. It’s about reorienting our approach to business as a force that contributes to a better world.

II. My Approach to Branding


I believe in the transformative power of building courageous brands. My philosophy combines storytelling and universal symbols to create a harmonious connection between you and your audience. I understand that business is not just a transactional interaction; it’s a dance we embark upon together. By incorporating timeless myths into our narrative, we become a vessel for collective stories and values. Join me on this extraordinary journey, where business becomes a force that contributes to a better world. Courageous Brands, Built to Revolutionize.

Video: How do you see your audience?

Video: Mythology + Branding

III. Core Branding Services


Each branding phase is a prerequisite for the next. For example, at least one Brand Clarity Training is a prerequisite to begin any branding design, and completing a brand design package is a prerequisite for beginning any online presence design. The reason for this is that each one sets a harmonious foundation for the next.


Brand Clarity Training

A Brand Clarity Training is a strategic and educational 1-on-1 session to clearly identify the key elements of the brand that make up its foundation. Think of the elements we define as the DNA of your brand–the code out of which you and your audience evolve in a specific way. I take a more archetypal approach to defining a brand than other brand strategists do, while still covering essential themes such as your purpose, positioning, audience, archetypes, mission, values, and tone of voice.


Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design involves the development of visual elements and assets that collectively form the outward expression of the brand, shaping how it is perceived by its target audience. Brand identity design is a critical component of overall brand strategy and plays a significant role in establishing brand recognition and fostering a positive brand image. Main elements usually include logo design, font styles, color palette, imagery direction, and curation of a brandscape library (textures, graphic elements, images, headshots, key art pieces)


Online Presence Design

Online Presence design takes your brand identity design and puts it in a context to start expressing publicly to the world. This is the stage where essential presence elements are created like website design, branded social media templates, presentation templates, and communications graphics.

*FAQ: “Do you build websites too?”

Not included in my offerings is Phase 4, which would be Implementation. Examples of implementation services would be a website builder, social media manager, or marketing coordinator. When putting together a budget for your branding journey, set aside a part of the budget for hiring people for implementation if you are not doing all implementation tasks yourself. When budgeting for a website builder, budget approximately the same amount as you would pay for design.

*FAQ: “How long does it take?”

Unless we have a project like branding an event or sales page design, I don’t create specific timelines for our branding process. I prioritize engagement over deadlines in our process so that whatever needs to come through, comes through as it organically wants to.