Of course, you want to make the right decision when it comes to hiring a designer. I’ve found, clients often require a unique constellation of skills for the most profound impact. Browse these success stories from my clients to see if your values and my approach might make a great match.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

African Proverb

What clients have to say

“I love Cassie and her work so much I hired her for a client project sponsored by Coca-Cola because I knew she could do it and she nailed it from logo to one page gorgeous site with photo gallery, videos plus social media shares, postcard flyers, and a membership card, etc. SHE NAILED IT!!! My client was happy and couldn’t believe she turned it around in two weeks before their big conference.”

Dee C. Marshall | Speaker, Coach & Diversity Consultant
– Diverse & Engaged

“Cassie is one of the most creative and talented designers I have run across in a VERY long time. Add to that her deep thoughtfulness, intelligence and great social and business skills, and you end up with a top-tier experience. Cassie always keeps her client’s needs, branding, and end-goals in mind while concepting and designing, which is essential.

An excellent collaborator, she responds quickly, is flexible, and meets deadlines. She can work across multiple styles and is always on top of current trends in style, technology and marketing. The icing on the cake is that she’s just a genuinely nice person, and a pleasure to be around. What else could you want?”

Michael Dempsey | Chief of Production, TEDxYoungstown

Kevin Rogers | President of Copy Chief

“Cassie has an intimate understanding of what makes a website convert; and used that knowledge to help us get some of the highest converting pages in the industry. She marries that knowledge with a beautiful and smart esthetic that is a delight to look at and share. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to hire the best.”

Ryan Langford | Project Manager at Ultimate Bundles Marketing Inc.

As an owner of an online business, I’ve been working with graphic designers for over 20 years.  Until meeting Cassie Clouser, I’d never been able to find a designer with great communication skills, a desire to know me and what I do, insanely beautiful graphic design work, and professional delivery of quality work on time,  After hiring her once, and having such a positive experience, I immediately hired her for five more design projects.  (And there’s a sixth enormous project on the horizon that I know only she can tackle). Hire her while you still can!”

Jonathan Altfeld | NLP Business Trainer

“Cassie is a designer that brings not only a creative expertise to your idea but also infuses a bit of fun! She is such a pleasure to work with. I used Cassie’s services for a slide-enhancement deck to power my TEDx talk message. I shared my speech highlights and explained my vision for bringing the slides to life. She was responsive, had several design ideas that would up-level my thoughts, then got to work. Simple, impactful, and just my style is how I would describe her designs.

I also hired Cassie as a website consultant to assess and make design recommendations for increasing the conversion on my site. I knew that it was packed with great information, but somehow I was not moving viewers to my purchase page. She was comprehensive in her page-by-page assessments and provided a thorough video feedback. She also provided packages which ranged from DIY options to full web overhaul. I was impressed with Cassie and would definitely recommend her as a designer that you want on your team.”

Lolita Walker | Author & Certified Life Coach
Walker & Walker Enterprises LLC

“Cassie is one of the most talented and creative designers I had a pleasure working with, she’s able to create robust designs that complement client’s brand perfectly. If you want a breath taking design, you have to hire Cassie!”

Wojciech Kałużny | Digital Solutions Expert/Owner

“Cassie did an amazing job helping us capture the spirit of our book. Thanks to her work, the book gets an immediate ‘Ooo, look at that!’ when we share it, sell it, or gift it to clients. The online image of the cover ‘pops’ on the page, and the physical copies… I can’t say enough how GORGEOUS this book looks in print! Plus, she was super responsive and flexible throughout publishing and printing, with a process for doing the work that put me at ease and gave me confidence we were working with a pro who could give us a beautiful book. If you’re thinking of working with her… take the plunge. You’ll love the experience and the finished product.”

Jen Adams | Copywriter at Adams Writing Agency

“I was a speaker at the TEDxYoungstown 2019 event where Cassie was an ambassador. My TEDx talk included a slide show with animation, automation and timing specifications. Cassie brought her experience as a past TEDx speaker, her design expertise and her overall management capabilities to drive my requirements from start to finish successfully and ahead of time. She took initiative to involve other stakeholders when needed, on her own. What I most appreciate about Cassie is her unflinching and wholehearted presence, openness and ownership to do better than her best as a collaborator and partner to help drive the success of my talk. Thank you Cassie!”

Manav Khanna
Technology executive, Healing and Meditation Coach, TEDx speaker

“I decided to work with Cassie after first watching her TED talk and then having a ZoomConference call with her. Cassie embodies warmth and caring. She also is excellent as taking your vision/ideas and creating a spot on design. Cassie was a pleasure to work with (and still is as she continues to provide support) in the creation of my first website. She is efficient and responsive! It is rare to find someone who is both creative and organized, but Cassie is it! Cassie was very patient with me as I have had lots going on in my life. Since my website was launched a few months ago I have gotten nothing but praise for both the appearance of my site but also the clarity of the content. Cassie is remarkable– I highly recommend her!”

Wendy Israel | Speech Pathologist + Reading Specialist