Win, Rock & Rule Page Design Creative Direction

Client: Dee C Marshall
Creative Direction: Cassie Clouser
Page Design: Cassie Clouser
Page Development: Carolyn Sheltraw

(Logo Design: Brand Therapy™)

Dee C Marshall, CEO of Diverse & Engaged, is a powerhouse coach and networker with a mission to elevate women into their power.

Being familiar with her brand and designing sites for her before, we dove right in to find a look and feel that would both feel native to her site and something a little different. I took the elements of powder explosion, high energy event photos, and hue overlays using colors from her personal brand to take Win, Rock & Rule to the next level.

Below, here is an example of the look and feel used rhythmically throughout the page, building excitement, and putting the site visitor in an uplifting sensory experience.

Win, Rock & Rule Sales Page Design

Having designed over 75 sales pages in the past 5 years, I understand psychology and design principles that help people receive the information they need to make a decision and keep them engaged.

I worked with Dee’s team to deliver a design that had Dee shouting “YES!”… a pick-me-up she had been waiting for in her brand.

What will your story be?