What if by seeing things differently, we found the solutions to our greatest problems?

story of the 2020 theme logo

Monday, October 28, 2019, the core team met to discuss story and visual direction for the chosen theme: Eyes Wide Open

Cassie presented two inspiration boards to confirm direction. The core creative team preferred the concept of an abstract eye using geometric shapes over using more literal imagery of an eye.

The potential of the geometric shapes points to an abundance of opportunity for clever animations. The potential to play with perspective, cause and effect, and color.

theme story brand

Every great theme and logo has a story. In ours, it’s a progression of moving from dark to light, chaos to order, black and white to color, closed to open.

first proposed tag line

“Seeing more in ourselves, each other, and in our communities.”

approved visual direction

The core team approved visual direction of using abstract, minimal geometric elements that had the potential to move and affect each other.

Shapes that could be identified from afar as well as close up were preferred.

Cassie then went into her mind palace and sketched and sketched.

On November 1st, Cassie presented the first logo proof in black and white to our small team of creative directors.

logo features

The font, “Bebas Neue”, is a strong, tall, thin, masculine font. It represents taking a stand, as well as provides fun contrast to the TED Helvetica Neue.

The Icon: A Geometric Puzzle – The geometric puzzle is a minimalistic, geometric configuration that echoes abstract representations of an eye. The puzzle gives a feel of potential to make change, shift visuals around, and solve a puzzle.

Animations of this puzzle lend to reconfigurations into “2020”, as well as moving into the shape of an iris. The shapes can also move around so that the circles can bump the letters to scatter, or to move the “E” in wide back into the correct position.

The backwards “E” – The backwards “E” provides cognitive dissonance and is representative of seeing things from a different angle or incorrectly.

tag line

“What if the solutions to our greatest problems were a matter of seeing things differently?”

After an overwhelmingly positive response, Cassie made a few rounds of revisions and presented color versions of the logo as well as some poster samples.

What will your story be?