What is Genius Mapping™?

Genius Mapping™ is a methodology developed by NLP trainer, Jonathan Altfeld, that teaches people to map beliefs, belief systems, how to model expertise, as well as how to use the knowledge to find blocks and do changework with people. Mr. Altfeld has an extensive background in AI, and took that experience in knowledge engineering to bring a new level of clarity to this area in NLP.

I attended two days of this certification course to get an insider’s knowledge of the method before diving into designing the brand. At the training, I learned how to map one belief and small belief systems.

Belief Post-it Re-design

My initial project was to help re-design post-its Mr. Altfeld uses to teach his students how to map a single belief, and consequently, use many of these post-its to map belief systems.

Included in the post-it is the “if” statement (condition), the “then” statement (results), and the driving meaning or emotion behind the behavior.



A Fresh Logo

One of the challenges Mr. Altfeld had was being able to easily represent what Genius Mapping™ is to someone who did not have very much background in NLP or AI. The symbol of the moving forward arrow was very important, as well as the cloud symbolism.

Mr. Altfeld wanted a logo that, up close, had a lot of detail, but from far away represented a gestalt.

As a result, I designed a cloud of beliefs represented as arrows in a circle, that formed the shape of a brain. The arrows facing right represent forward motion, as well as the direction in which Mr. Altfeld maps beliefs in his methodology.

To add some more engagement to the logo and a younger, more modern feel, I used a fresh, juicy color palette of orange, purple, blues, and mint green to delight people of all ages and genders.

The different gradients represent the different areas of the brain being activated.



Live Event Fun | Photography Treatment

To boost enthusiasm for all of the amazing brain work that goes into a live Genius Mapping™ event, I put event photos front and center as essential for any GM™ marketing campaign.

The treatment of having a purple overlay and keeping the post-its yellow is a fun, high contrast way to represent the engagement at these events as well as the color symbolism and attention drawn to the method.


What will your story be?