Lee Ann Heltzel | Digital Artwork and Website Design & Build

“For a designer to entrust another designer to reflect their essence, is a big deal and you, my dear, captured my work with perfection.”

Lee Ann Heltzel | Owner, Creative One Marketing

Digital Artwork

“Creativity and Imagination are some of our greatest tools as human beings.” – Lee Ann Heltzel

One of Lee Ann’s many special gifts is the ability to see people at their fullest potential. She takes people into the “meta-space” where she envisions and communicates to people as their highest realized self. The beautiful challenge for this project was to dive into her dream world and bring her imagination to life. 

Website Design and Build

I helped Lee Ann create an architecture for her site so that she could easily write content. I built this site on SquareSpace so that she could easily go in and make updates as she wishes.

The digital artwork is the main visual centerpiece of each page. The purpose of the site is for Lee Ann to show this side of herself and the new journey she has been called to take. We map out a basic understanding of metawork and how a visitor might take the next step with her.

Visit live site: www.leeannheltzel.com

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