4-week Brand Detox + Rejuvenation

You’ve evolved over the past year.  Has your brand?


Do you feel overwhelmed evolving your brand? Your brand feels kind of old, outdated, and doesn’t reflect all the new juicy goodness you’ve channeled in over the past year.

That’s why I’ve created this unique course—to create a fun and fiery container where we can ceremoniously burn the old and bring in the new together. Yes, that means me too! You get to watch me demonstrate within my own brand. You get to see me in action!

Look, we stand in the middle of summer, with the sun high. (Well, at least in the northern hemisphere!) We are in a time of year that represents the shining of the full, authentic self. It’s not just about your brand, it’s about reflecting the most current and fullest version of you.

Join me as your fiery guide along with other passionate entrepreneurs for 4 weekly sessions on Zoom. Each session will run 2.5 hrs.

(Schedule TBD by the first wave of registrants.)

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Week 1

Brand Detox SESSION

Get rid of everything no longer serving you.

Cleanse, clear, burn.

Make way for the insights to come.

Week 2

Story Fire SESSION

Here’s a secret… You’ll be better at evoking emotion when you get better at feeling it yourself. We aren’t opting for typical brand storytelling here. We’re going bones-deep, on the edge of myth, to the stories that emblazen and awaken at a subconscious level.

Week 3


What if inspiration, instead of trickle now and then, was a flood just waiting for you to open. Hold on to your hats as we open doors to your next big ideas.

Week 4


You’re not procrastinating. You might be waiting for the truth to drop in, or maybe there is something within you that is blocking you from making that next move. Your own understanding of yourself, your evolution and ability to move forward is directly tied to moves in your brand.



You Will Have the Option to Choose an Accountability Partner

Hey, sometimes when left alone, we just don’t get shit done. I’m building in a partner (or trio!) option for those who like to rejuvenate their brands together.


You Can Parallel this With Your Personal Evolution

This whole program is stemming from personal power, so naturally, I’m opening the gates to your personal life. There will be options to parallel everything we do in your brand with something in your life. (Or maybe even start there first!)


You can Strengthen Your Belly Fire with Weekly Physical Exercises.

Fire in your Belly. Quite literally. Emailed weekly.


You will have access to me via email.

Send me your work so I can tell you how great you’re doing! And maybe where you might be missing something!


Meet Cassandra

Hey there. I’m the voice behind this page. I’m known for creating epic brands for soulful entrepreneurs.

So what does that mean? “Soulful Entrepreneur”?

This means that you are someone who sees the beauty of humanity and the world, and also sees its pain. You have a deep desire to make the world a better place. One way you do this is by extending this soulful call into business.

What I do best is taking people’s stream of consciousness and capturing their essence into a potent brand presence.

Brand Trainings and Programs are a way for me to help impact more entrepreneurs, as my one-on-one work is limited. Plus I love to teach!


Price: $396
(or 2 payments of $198)

This price will stay the same for the whole time registration is open.

2 Scholarship positions are available.

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