expressing the power and preciousness of the black business community

the black girl collaborative | visual brand identity

Rising Together

In collaboration with other black business owners, Dee C Marshall spearheaded this brand in response to the current resurgence and need for the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Featured is the desire to amplify black voices, to boost black business, and to gather black business together and come together in strength. The Black Girl Collaborative brand represents the universal truth of organizing in numbers for greater strength and knowing the value and preciousness of the black business community.




Early Concepts

Approved Logo

#RaiseUpChallenge Promo Graphics

Supplementing the visual identity of the Black Girl Collaborative is the classy, bold, confident look of the #raiseupchallenge graphics. Developing the theme of great worth in numbers, we bring in photography of black women standing in their power and groups of enthusiastic black professional women coming together to raise each other.


“You ain’t nothin’….
But the TRUTH.”