Cassie Clouser


Cassie began her design career learning direct response graphic design in the teachings of Lori Haller. As she stepped into freelancing 9 years ago, she hung around copywriters and other marketers (aka “the cool kids”). She knew that understanding language, psychology, desires, and technology would be the keys to successful design.

Throughout the past 9 years, Cassie has collaborated with a variety of clients and creative firms, designing in niches that span the gamut between sexual health education and steel manufacturing.

She is a certified Business NLP Practitioner and brings that expertise to her design process. She studies and practices behavioral flexibility to help her hone in on the psychology of what it takes to convert your prospects into customers.

Cassie helps you elevate your perceived brand to the level of your best practices. She digs deep to fully understand both your process and the highest version of yourself you want to offer the world.

“Cassie brought her experience as a past TEDx speaker, her design expertise and her overall management capabilities to drive my requirements from start to finish successfully and ahead of time.”

manav khanna | Technology executive, Healing and Meditation Coach, TEDx speaker

Get to know Cassie more personally…

At TEDxYoungstown 2018, she opened up and shared a very personal story about her former spouse’s transgender process. In her talk, Cassie explored the connection between our long-held beliefs and our personal choices… and how each bear on our lives.